Display the best possible colours for the ultimate visual experience on any digital device. Save power, improve device life and perfect the display. Color management by Entertainment Experience is like no other.

Displays are the gateways into the virtual world that is fast becoming the place where people spend most of their time. In real life, anyone with eyesight problems wears glasses because anything less than perfect clarity means missing out. Yet in the virtual world the current technology is lacking and many are doing nothing to fix the problem. Right now colors can be more vivid, displays can be brighter, images can be clearer and all while saving device power and lifespan.

How? eeColor by Entertainment Experience.

Entertainment Experience was born from decades of research and experience from the people behind the Hollywood movie experience and at the Color Image Science School of the Rochester Institute of Technology. The product, eeColor, is an industry disrupting technology that enhances video quality on any screen. This revolutionary tech uses a total color management method that recreates the visual experience as it was intended to be seen at the point of creation, anywhere.

Reach smartphone owners, television viewers and computer users the world over with this ultimate solution for video quality. Open your eyes to eeColor.

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