Entertainment Experience. LLC was established in 2008 with a worldwide focus on changing the cost/value performance of digital entertainment solutions in homes. As a full solution provider. Entertainment Experience recognizes that digital quality requires a system view. involving every element of the digital content. distribution and home imaging devices. Entertainment Experience is unique in its ability to deliver the most affordable and highest quality color and visual experience on the market today. Entertainment Experience is working with industry leaders in television. and computer display to smoothly add eeColor processing to all dislayed images and videos.

Our Leadership Team:

Jim Sullivan, President and co-owner of EE, retired from Eastman Kodak in 2007 after 35 years in digital imaging research and business management. Jim served as the COO for Kodak‘s Digital Cinema business, the CTO for Kodak‘s Laser Pacific and Cinesite Post Production businesses and the CTO/COO for Kodak’s Theme Park business. He holds numerous patents in digital color imaging and has brought his system and cinema imaging knowledge and business leadership to EE.

Tom Bond, Vice President of Engineering, left Eastman Kodak after 25 years of software development and leading digital imaging software product teams. Tom had a lead position in Kodak‘s software development for its theater advertising and motion picture digital systems. Tom has key expertise in real time programming and network system integration and has brought those skills to EE to build its suite of easy to use. high quality solutions.

Rod Heckaman, Color R&D Director, left Eastman Kodak after 30 years in research. Rod received his PhD from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Color Science in 2009. RIT offers the only PhD program in Color Science in the world. Rod is an associate professor at RIT supporting EE. All RIT color project work sponsored by EE is the sole property of EE.